According to the objective, we select the appropriate media such as virtual reality, game or transmedia and propose to simulate reality or to transport through fiction. We use emotions to increase the return on experience.


Together with hospital professionals, we design and develop effective, high-impact training products: transfusion safety, hospital fire safety, simulation of patient triage in the emergency department.


Our “management” products relate to soft skills, 21st century skills or 4C – Creativity, Communication, Critical thinking, Cooperation. These non-technical skills can only be learned through experience.

Training products dedicated to management and soft skills

SYKO studio designs and creates experiential training products.

Learning through concrete experience is the best way to impart skills that learners can use immediately.

Our training products for the hospital sector aim to apply procedures in the appropriate way and to perform the correct gestures. Those dedicated to management aim at mastering soft skills.

Boost your training R.O.I.

Our products are designed for training professionals.

This is why we use the data collected during the simulation to provide the trainer with relevant information and indicators that will help him to build and lead his debriefing.

The reliability and ease of deployment of our products are at the heart of our concerns.

We master a wide range of media:

  • virtual reality
  • mixed reality
  • comics
  • connected figurines
  • video games
  • escape games
  • mission games
  • mobile apps
  • etc.

We carry out a permanent science, technology and usage intelligence, particularly in the fields of immersive media and learning. Over the last ten years, our creativity and R&D have enabled us to design and develop innovative and customised products with all these media.

We are also careful to stage the content of our training courses in an attractive and aesthetic way. The usefulness and quality perceived by your employees during our experiential training sessions is a way to enhance your image with them and to engage them in the long term for an extended return on investment.

The primary objective of our pedagogical engineering is, of course, to offer training or team-building systems that have a real impact and provide an immediate return on investment.

Training through experience

Experiential training is much more than learning by doing, it is learning by experiencing.

Products for training professionals

It is first and foremost a situation in which the learner makes decisions, makes mistakes, understands and corrects.

Thus, under the trainer’s watchful eye, learners live a rich experience during which they mobilize, or not, one or more skills.

This first stage of situation setting is then completed by an assessment or debriefing phase.

The trainer uses the experience to initiate an exchange and reflection by and with the learners.

This feedback phase on the decisions taken and actions carried out is necessary to reinforce the learners’ appropriation of procedures, gestures and soft skills then their application on a daily basis.

Our experiential training approach is therefore based on the following articulation: role-playing – decision making – reflection.

This approach places the two actors “learner and trainer” in a central position in the training.


Our systems provide experiences that combine actions and emotions in order to make your training sessions or team cohesions more memorable, effective and engaging.

They trust us…

Our products are developed with recognized experts and our customers are references in their fields

Prof. Naoto Morimura

Head of Emergency department

Tokyo University Hospital

Hospital training products

I really like SYKO studio which is constantly innovating. Simulation for Emergency Triage (SET) will save valuable time in the training of young emergency doctors. It is quick and easy to set up: simulating different patient cases is really a plus.

Prof. Pierre Carli

Director of the SAMU (medical emergency service) of Paris

Necker Sick Children University Hospital, APHP, Paris

Hospital training products

Society is changing and so is emergency medicine. We must always better welcome and better guide patients to provide the best possible response. SYKO studio creates truly useful and innovative training products. With Simulation for Emergency Triage (SET), training becomes dynamic, interactive and very interesting.

Simulation of patient triage and flow management in a hospital emergency department, with connected figurines, adapted tablets and dedicated software.

Prof. Bertrand Debaene

President of the CME

Poitiers University Hospital

Hospital training products

Training doctors and nursing staff is fundamental. The various training products offered by SYKO studio, Transfusion safety VR or Fire Safety MR, are interactive and beneficial. I recommend.

Dominique Reynaert

Director of Care

Foch Hospital (92), France

Hospital training products

Transfusion safety VR is a real asset for nurses. It allows them to safely review the correct actions and process to adopt in the event of an incident. There is no need to set up the room again to train the next person: simply press the button. Effective and interactive training.

Wireless virtual reality simulation of the procedure to be applied in the event of a transfusion incident.

Mohammed Benarba

Security Advisor

Gustave Roussy Institute, France

Fire safety products

What I like about Fire Safety in hopsital in Mixed Reality (FS MR©) is being able to handle real physical fire extinguishers in a virtual hospital environment as if you were there. No need to recharge the extinguishers with water, no need to bring a truck or to simulate a fire outside. Mixed reality is truly the solution of the future.

Simulation in mixed reality of the procedure to be applied in the event of fire in a hospital room with the use of real fire extinguishers.

Nathalie Pujo Bloch

Assistant Director

Hachette Education

Soft skills and management training products

For my business seminar I needed to do an activity that made sense. That’s when I discovered SYKO studio and its Smart Games. We all had a great time with the Best Factory© game that I recommend. We all got caught up in the game and we all found it very relevant in the current context where we have to question ourselves.


Juan Francisco Gomez

Director of Information Systems

Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders)

Soft skills and management training products

During a seminar, we used the Smart Games© YÔKAÏ PUZZLE and POLYGON FAMILY from SYKO studio which target soft skills for our intelligent team building activities. We have had positive feedback from unexpected people in the team. These games allowed us to sow a seed. Now, it’s up to us to water and to get the most form it. I recommend.

Phygital training game for professional written communication.

Phygital training game for cooperation in companies.

Didier Moreau

Director CCSTI (Science Center) of Poitiers

Espace Mendès France

Educational Escapes Games

I have been working with SYKO studio for several years. Whether it is to create the first educational Escape Game in France about insects or to create the first travelling educational Mission Game on the planet Mars, MARS SCIENCE EXPLORER, the teams of this studio always take up the challenge of innovation. I recommend them.

Mission game to explore the surface of Mars in virtual reality and acquire key knowledge about the red planet.