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phygital training game
training game for cooperation in companies

Phygital training game for cooperation in companies.

Each team must assemble a series of five squares from coloured polygons in a minimum amount of time.
Nowadays, there are many communication tools available in companies such as phones, e-mails, internal notes, posters and so on.

In spite of these means, information sometimes circulates with difficulty, either within the same team or between different departments.

Employees within the same company or team must therefore work together to achieve the goal.

Communication is part of the 4C’s of 21st century soft skills: it is therefore important to work on this skill to improve the collective intelligence of your group.


Training for cooperation in companies. To cooperate is to work together to achieve a common goal. One of the keys to successful cooperation is the sharing of information and resources. It also involves reading or listening carefully to instructions or procedures in order to apply them properly.

Training benefit

The material available enables to draw a parallel with how a company works. Thus, polygons of different shapes represent information. And the colours symbolize trades, departments or services. The squares, for their part, embody the objectives to be achieved or the tasks to be carried out. The problems of exchange and cooperation, first within a department and then between departments are well known and identified. The natural reflexes of wanting to succeed individually are highlighted here in a playful way. Indeed, it is not possible to succeed in this game without cooperating and following the instructions.

Media benefit

This game combines the facilitating nature of handling physical objects with the advantages of digital technology.