Fire Safety MR

Hospital Training

Simulation in mixed reality of fire in a hospital room
Simulation in mixed reality of fire in a hospital room
Fire simulation in mixed reality

Simulation in mixed reality of the procedure to be applied in the event of fire in a hospital room with the use of real fire extinguishers.

Training developed with hospital security managers.

You are alone at the door of a patient’s room whose fire alarm has just sounded. You know this room is not currently hosting a patient.

Autonomously and without endangering yourself, you must make the right decisions and act in the right way to preserve the integrity of the place and people.


To develop the autonomy and capacity of your staff to cope with a fire situation.

Training benefit

Without endangering the learner and the premises, economical and easily deployable, the learner can, during this simulation, perform all the steps of the fire procedure: alert, assess the situation and extinguish the fire he sees in the VR headset by grabbing one of the real fire extinguishers. And this, under the eyes of the trainer in order to conduct an analysis of practice during the debriefing phase.

No need to simulate a real fire in the yard or in a bus: you live the experience as if you were there! All you need is a room large enough to contain 4 to 8 participants. A session lasts between an hour and an hour and a half depending on your constraints.


Media benefit

This device which mixes virtual reality and real, empty and connected, fire extinguishers is called “Mixed Reality”.

Immersion in a professional virtual environment that the learner recognizes, moving and viewing at scale-one, natural and intuitive interactions enable the learner to take ownership of the situation and embody his role. And thus, to react and behave as in the real world.

Virtual reality is therefore the only medium that enables a real implementation, by the body, of procedural knowledge.