SET 1.0 Simulation for Emergency Triage

Hospital Training

Simulation for Emergency Triage
Connected figurines, adapted tablets and dedicated software

Simulation of patient triage and flow management in a hospital emergency department, with connected figurines, adapted tablets and dedicated software.

Training designed in partnership with French and Japanese professors, experts in emergency medicine.

The different scenarios allow various work situations, more or less complex, anchored in the daily life of emergency department:

  • processing information in real time
  • taking into account technical and human resources
  • making decisions
  • managing uncertainty, time and stress.


To diagnose, sort and manage the flow of patients in order to guide them in the best possible way.

Training benefit

The presence of various preconceived scenarios validated by experts in emergency medicine greatly facilitates the preparation of the training sessions.

The data collected during the simulation then helps the trainer to feed and build the debriefing to develop a reflective process. Aware that time is scarce in emergency department, the whole system has been designed with efficiency in mind.

Media benefit

The use of connected figurines and tablets enables learners to understand the context, make decisions and act quickly and effectively.

Moreover, the connected figurines make it possible to embody patient cases.

NFC communication provides unmatched ease of use and reliability.