Yôkaï Puzzle

Soft skills & Management Training

phygital training game
communication training

Phygital training game for professional written communication.

The participants must write the instructions that will enable a person who has never seen and done a jigsaw puzzle before to complete a simple 12-piece jigsaw.

The jigsaw should be completed by simply reading the instructions carefully.

The aim of this module is to improve written communication and oral expression.

Making a 12-piece jigsaw puzzle seems easy, but making the instructions as clear as possible is more difficult.

The trainer will be able to highlight the uncertainties of interpreting a text and the difficulty of being understood by everyone.

Communication and critical thinking are part of the 4C’s soft skills: it is therefore important to develop these key 21st century skills!


Training in professional written communication. It is a question of knowing how to focus on what is essential while having the ability to summarize and to put in shape your message. The debriefing can also address oral communication skills.

Training benefit

Starting from a simple instruction, this game is very easy to access. However, the trainees will be surprised by the variety of instructions generated. And some players will be disconcerted to have failed… YOKAÏ PUZZLE© is therefore ideal to launch a training day. The parallel with life within the company and in particular the problems of wording in e-mails or other types of texts naturally comes to mind.


Media benefit

This game combines the facilitating nature of handling physical objects with the advantages of digital technology.